Through goods and ventures, Seaborn offers a return to the natural world, to discovery and exploration, a connection to our past, and the tools to forge oNE'S OWN PATH FORWARD.

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The Story of Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth

Ship Seth Sprague, Captained by Alexander Wadsworth, 1850

On February 21, 1853, ship Seth Sprague and her crew, hailing from Duxbury, MA, lay becalmed in the Bay of Bengal on her way to Calcutta, India. Captain Alexander Wadsworth attended to his wife Beuleah as she gave birth to their second born son. Days later, before reaching landfall, Mrs. Wadsworth died of complications; the babe, however, survived. He was named Seaborn... Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth.

The Seth Sprague eventually returned to New England and Captain Wadsworth laid his wife to rest in Duxbury's Mayflower Cemetery, "where so many gallant seafarers have found their last repose." Seaborn lived until 1934.

Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth's gravestone at the Mayflower Cemetery in Duxbury, MA.

The Founder - Cyrus Alexander Buffum

Cyrus Buffum aboard Charleston Waterkeeper's R/V Lady C (Photograph by Olivia Rae James)

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Cyrus, a great-great-grandson of Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth, has created a life surrounded by water. He moved to Charleston, SC in 2002 to pursue a degree in physics, and for the past 13 years, the Lowcountry's history and natural landscapes have inspired his work. In 2008 Cyrus founded Charleston Waterkeeper, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the quality of Charleston's waterways. For his philanthropic efforts, Cyrus was named a top finalist of GQ's Better Men Better World Search in 2010. Cyrus is an active sailor, recently completing an ocean passage from the Azores to Spain, and has served as a contributing author for the Huffington Post. 

Cyrus established Seaborn as a living tribute to his ancestral past. Along with an attraction to timeless, utilitarian design, Cyrus's passion for the sea, for nature, and for discovery guides Seaborn's goods and ventures.