Seaborn's mission is to create unique opportunities that connect our community to the natural world.

We are inspired by the people, cultures, and traditions that are tied to the rhythms of our planet—to the tides and currents, winds and rains, seasonal shifts in land and sky. We celebrate resourcefulness and believe in the transformative power of living close to nature.


Our Namesake and the Legacy of Seaborn

Ship Seth Sprague, Captained by Alexander Wadsworth, 1850

Seaborn is named in honor of Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth (known simply as "Seaborn"), who, in the winter of 1853, was born aboard ship Seth Sprague while she lay becalmed in the Bay of Bengal. Seaborn's mother would not survive the voyage. His father, Captain Alexander Wadsworth, one of New England's great shipmasters, would command the ship and her crew back to its native waters of Cape Cod Bay, carrying homeward his newborn son and the body of his dear wife Beaulah. Read the full, harrowing story of Seaborn here. 

FOUNDER - Cyrus Alexander Buffum

Photograph by Landon Neil Phillips

Photograph by Landon Neil Phillips

Born and raised on Cape Cod (MA), in the village of West Barnstable, Cyrus founded Seaborn as a vehicle to connect people to the natural world. After graduating with a degree in physics, Cyrus began his work as in conservation with the establishment of Charleston Waterkeeper--a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the quality of Charleston's waterways. He is an active sailor and a commercial oysterman. Cyrus is a great, great-grandson of Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth.