Seaborn Oyster Co.'s oyster farm in South Carolina is the core business of Seaborn Saltwater Farm (group). Seaborn Oyster Co. is driven by a fundamental belief in balance with nature. We don't believe in genetically altering oysters to achieve faster and greater growth. We believe in respecting nature's ways, and farming our oysters based on the conditions provided by the natural environment in which we cultivate this product. Seaborn Oyster Co. operates and manages two farm locations: a 6.5 acre farm behind Sullivan's Island and 30 acres off Wadmalaw Island. Self reliance (book)... and justify education/tools/knowledge... context. 

Berry has long been friendly to and supportive of Wes Jackson, believing that Jackson's agricultural research at The Land Institute lives out the promise of "solving for pattern" and using "nature as model."

We believe our best use of technology and technique is in engineering solutions that exist in balance with nature's ways, versus attempting to engineer nature to optimize our immediate needs.