Vanishing Sail

The close of the 2017-2018 oyster season was extended by two weeks this year, giving us until May 31 to harvest our final catch. Water temperatures have warmed, shorebird hatchlings have begun to emerge, and oysters all around the Lowcountry have now begun to spawn. The next few months will mark an exhausting period of birth and renewal for our wild oyster population. For us, the next few months will mark a period of reflection, maintenance, and planning. 

The end of oyster season signals, for us, the beginning of summer. And with summer comes a reallocation of our energies to the long-neglected projects that've piled high on our well-intended lists during season.

This upcoming Thursday, to celebrate the summer solstice, we'll be announcing an exciting new project at a special screening of Vanishing Sail--a beautiful film about traditional wooden boatbuilding on Carriaccou Island.

For more details and to purchase tickets, go here.