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Seaborn Workshop - Knots and Ropework (Marlinespike Seamanship)

  • Seaborn Oyster Co. Warehouse 1505 Greenleaf Road Charleston, SC, 29405 United States (map)

Once the measurement of a sailor’s worthiness at sea, marlinspike seamanship often meant the difference between adventure and tragedy. This workshop will introduce the basics of knots and ropework and will explore the techniques at the heart of marlinspike seamanship. All guests will learn to tie a set of classic and versatile knots that can be used on land or at sea and will learn the fundamentals of splicing. Whether you've always wondered how to secure that mattress to the top of your car or lash your dog to a parking meter for a quick moment, these wonders will be mysteries no more. No prior knowledge or experience necessary.

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