Seaborn's Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

Seaborn is excited to launch our very first oyster CSF for the Charleston-area. Inspired by traditional community supported agriculture models, our CSF is an opportunity to share not only our weekly harvest, but also our deep passion for this work. Shares are $50 each and are offered weekly through the end of South Carolina's wild oyster season (May 15). Sign up for Seaborn's oyster CSF below.


  • 25 oysters per week (one share).
  • Critical oyster know-how like, "How to shuck an oyster safely."
  • Custom content to help strengthen your connection to the Lowcountry's natural world.
  • Wine pairing recommendations from our friends at Monarch Wine Merchants.


  • Your weekly oysters (named "Ol' Dangers") will be harvested directly from our farm behind Sullivan's Island (by Breach Inlet), typically the morning of pickup or the evening before.
  • The waters from which we harvest have an average salinity level of 34-35 parts per thousand. Seawater is typically 35 parts per thousand. So, what does this mean? Our oysters are refreshingly salty.
  • Wild oysters are richest in flavor when the animal converts its food--a diet rich in phytoplankton--into glycogen, "a multibranched polysaccharide of glucose that serves as a form of energy storage" (Wikipedia). The oyster builds up these energy reserves before winter hibernation and in anticipation of summer spawning.

Where to pick up your CSF

  • After signing up (below) and selecting which weeks you want oysters, pickup will be Thursdays from 5-7PM at Monarch Wine Merchants (1107 King Street).

About Seaborn Oyster Co.

Seaborn strives to honor the natural world in all we do. As such, we've adopted a natural approach to oyster farming that celebrates South Carolina's wild population and preserves the culture that was born out of its sustainable management. We only harvest wild spawned oysters that have been hand-cultivated using traditional methods, a process that depends deeply on an understanding of all natural forces at work on our farm. We believe in long-term stewardship and a holistic commitment to the entire ecosystem to which our oysters belong.

Sign Up for Seaborn's Oyster CSF

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Photograph by  Landon Neil Phillips . 

Photograph by Landon Neil Phillips